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Complete the free “Request call back” form and one of our friendly, qualified consultants will contact you to do an obligation-free assessment.


We review and evaluate your information to determine whether you qualify for debt consolidation. Once you qualify, we will contact your credit providers and obtain all the certificates of balances.


We partner with you every step of the way on your journey to a debt-free life, and you have our entire team in Cape Town at your disposal!


I would like to say to the team that I almost killed myself because of debts as the banks turned their backs on me. The moment I started debt review, I had a reason to fight to pay off all my debt. From now on, to me you are the debts doctor and a king of them all.

Vhangani Phistos Makhado

I would like to thank everyone from your team who helped me to become a person I am today with my financial life, especially Chris for helping from day one when I was really feeling weak. Thanks again for your time and help.

Gabisilele Zungu

The level of service I have received has been outstanding over the past few weeks. Thank you for assisting me with this process and allowing me to gain control over my finances. It is a great feeling to now be debt free and to remain so going forward.

Venessa Visser


Debt consolidation is the process whereby we consolidate all your debt owed to multiple credit providers into a single debt repayment at reduced interest rates. Instead of paying multiple credit providers, you now only have to make one reduced monthly repayment for all your debt. As part of our free debt assessment, we will work with you so that you pay only the minimum amount required by your credit providers, thereby reducing your monthly debt obligations and freeing up cash to maintain your quality of life.

As one of South Africa’s leading debt consolidation companies, we have a lot of experience dealing with credit providers. Our debt consolidation consultants in Cape Town have frequently negotiated debt restructuring proposals with all the major credit providers. Your debt consolidation consultant will propose a restructured debt plan that is affordable to you and acceptable based on your financial position. We will then refer your proposed debt plan to our nominated attorneys, who will obtain a court order in a magistrate’s court to enforce your restructuring debt plan on your credit providers. This court order is obtained as per the National Credit Act and protects your assets while you are in the process of consolidating your debts.

No, you will never have to attend any court proceedings while seeking debt review services. Our nominated attorneys will obtain the court order for you, and the legal fees relating to the court order are included in your reduced monthly debt repayment amount.

If you decide to apply for debt consolidation in Cape Town, we will contact all your credit providers to inform them of your new credit status. If any of your credit providers or even their debt collectors contact you, you can simply refer them to your debt consolidation consultant. They are not allowed to threaten or make any demands from you. We will handle all contact from your credit providers for the entire time that your debts are being consolidated.

Are you struggling to repay your debt? Have you fallen behind on your scheduled debt repayments, or are you at risk of falling behind in the immediate future? These are signs that, in all likelihood, you are over-indebted. Once a credit provider commences legal action, there is a risk that the particular debt cannot be included in your debt consolidation plan. Why stress & lose sleep any longer? Request a callback, and our debt consolidation team in Cape Town can start completing your free debt assessment today!

You need a monthly income in order for us to propose a reduced debt repayment plan to your credit providers. Therefore, you will not qualify for debt consolidation if you are currently unemployed. We suggest that you find a new job and then contact us for assistance with your debt if you are still over-indebted.

The extent to which we can reduce your monthly debt repayment amounts depends on your type of debt. No one can reduce the interest rates on property bonds and vehicle finance to the extent that it would result in a 60% reduction in the debt repayment amount. On unsecured loans, however, it is possible. If your debt consists of only unsecured loans, we can do the same for you. However, if you also have a bond or vehicle finance, no one will be able to reduce your debt repayments by more than 60%. Do not trust any company claiming to be able to do so.

You will need to submit a joint debt consolidation application with your spouse. We cannot process a single application if you are married in community of property, and both of you will need to enter the debt consolidation process.

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